Nicotine pouches are solutions to guide smokers towards alternative products to tobacco with reduced risk*. Since the democratization of this new nicotine substitute, many brands have entered the market, including major players in the tobacco industry. We will therefore compare VELO (BAT) and ZYN (Swedish Match) which are two of the most popular brands of nicotine pouches.  


 VELO nicotine pouches versus ZYN 

How do you decide between two nicotine pouches’ giants? ZYN - created by Swedish Match - and VELO - launched by BAT - are the best-selling brands in the tobacco-free snus market. By making the same type of product, it is not surprising to find some similarities such as the fact that their nicotine pouches are tobacco free and they combine discretion and freshness. However, the similarities do not go further. 

We can actually notice that the two manufacturers opt for two different strategies regarding the characteristics of the product. VELO nicotine pouches promise you an instantaneous and pronounced hit as soon as the nicopod is placed under your lip. The brand relies on the moisture factor of its nicotine bags that allow a fast release of flavors and nicotine. ZYN does not follow the same path and distinguishes itself with dry nicotine pouches. The goal is to offer nicotine users a product with a longer shelf life and a more consistent release of flavors and nicotine. 

Regarding the dosage of nicotine, practices slightly vary between the two brands. Indeed ZYN is available from 3 mg/bag to 11.2 mg/bag while VELO restricts a little more its dosages by offering 4 mg/bag to 10.9 mg/bag. To finish, the materials used are great quality and therefore offer a particular comfort to their users. Nevertheless, VELO nicotine pouches are more pleasant under the lip because of the moisture content of the latter. 

Which one to choose between ZYN and VELO? 

Tell us which nicopoucher you are, we will tell you which brand is for you. If you expect immediate satisfaction, we recommend you turn to VELO nicotine pouches. On the other hand, if you prefer a slower nicotine intake, ZYN nicotine pouches are made for you. In terms of flavor, the two brands offer the same kind of flavors, however ZYN tends to be more original. It's up to you to make your choice!